League Affiliation

As the governing body representing U.S. Soccer in Vermont, the VSSA provides benefits including but not limited to support and insurance coverage for all affiliated leagues, their players, directors / officers and game sites.

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Player Registration

To receive and maximize all available affiliation benefits, players must register with the VSSA through the league within which they play. Registration with any VSSA affiliated league also carries over to other VSSA affiliated leagues.

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One of the key roles the VSSA plays is to provide Participant Accident Insurance for all VSSA affiliated league players. Should you be hurt or injured during a VSSA sanctioned game you are eligible to receive medical support and coverage.

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Newsletter Signup

There’s a lot going on within the Vermont soccer world and the VSSA is your direct link to it all. If you’d like us to keep you posted on all affiliated happenings, news and events please sign up for our newsletter.

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2020 Laws of the Game Update

USSF Laws of the Game (LOTG) are ever-changing. There are many changes that have been implemented over recent years. Read the full report here.

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UPDATES From Region 1

Region 1 Director Tony Falcone provides updates on the new Region 1 Web Site and important USASA 2020 Cup dates.

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Welcome to the Brand New VSSA Website

We're excited you're here. Please browse our new site, learn everything there is to know about adult soccer in the Green Mountain state.

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